This test covers the following chemistry topics: ionic properties, atomic theory, radioactivity, air and its composition, water of crystallization, hardness of water, environmental pollution, and solubility of salts.

It is suitable for students sitting for ordinary level to intermediate level chemistry exams.

1. The chloride that would exhibit the most ionic character is
2. Which is still true of Dalton’s atomic theory?
3. 23491Pa → X + γ

In the equation above, X is

4. The sources of carbon(IV) oxide to the atmosphere include
5. 5. When alkaline pyrogallol is shaken with 50cm3 of air, the volume of air is
6. The process by which a salt loses its water of crystallization is called
7. The furring in kettles used in boiling hard water is a deposit of
8. Which of the following is least considered as a source of environmental pollution?
9. Petroleum spillage in rivers and lakes can best be cleaned by
10. The solubility of potassium trioxonitrate(V) at room temperature is 2.0 mole/dm3. If 50.5g of the salt is dissolved completely in 250 cm3 of water in a beaker, the resulting solution is

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