1. If the enthalpy change of a reaction is positive, it means that the reaction is

In the diagram above, the curve that represents the production of carbon(IV) oxide from the reaction of dilute HCl and powdered
marble is

3. Reaction between hydrogen and chlorine under sunlight is
4. In the reaction E + F  reversible reaction arrowG + H

the forward reaction is favoured if the concentration of

5. PCl5(g) reversible reaction arrowPCl3(g) + Cl2(g)

In the above reaction, increasing the pressure will lead to

6. The compound which gives the observable brown colour in the brown ring test is
7. The most important use of hydrogen is in the
8. Which of the following metals easily gives off hydrogen when reacted with dilute hydrochoric acid?
9. On reacting a salt sample with dilute hydrochloric acid, a gas was produced, and on passing the gas into a solution of acidified K2Cr2O7 the solution turned green. What does the sample contain?
10. The addition of sulphur during the vulcanization of rubber is to



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