1. Which of the following methods results in obtaining pure solvents?
2. To separate a mixture of sulphur and iodine crystals, we can
3. At s.t.p., of which of the following gases would contain the highest number of molecules?
4. A 50 cm3 of a gas Y at 20 oC and 760 mmHg contain Z atoms. Another gas X of 25 cm3 at the same temperature and pressure will contain
5. A hydride XH3 has a vapour density of 8.5. The atomic mass of X is
6. Under the same conditions, a gas X diffuses four times as fast as another gas Y. If the relative molecular mass of X is 2, what is the relative molecular mass of Y?
7. If 0.16 mole of oxygen and 0.29 mole of ammonia are mixed in a vessel with a total pressure of 0.5 atmosphere, calculate the partial pressure of ammonia in the mixture?
8. Water molecules are in the least disorderly arrangement in
9. Melting begins when
10. A particle contains 7 electrons, 7 neutrons and 6 protons. Such
particle is



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