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Why Study Chemistry?


There are many reasons why the study of chemistry is important. We have outlined some of them here:

  • To Have Better Understanding of Our World 

Everything around us from the air we breathe, the soil we grow our plants, the food we eat, to the water we drink is a chemical substance. From the striking of a match to make fire, to the cooking of our foods, and to the digestion of food in our bodies to provide us energy is a chemical reaction. Without being chemists, we are always initiating chemical reactions as we carry out daily activities without even knowing it.

Studying chemistry gives us the knowledge of the composition and properties of the substances in our world and the understanding of the changes that they undergo. This knowledge enables us to use them well and to manipulate and derive greater value from them.

  • To Research and Create Useful Products

The study of chemistry enables us to perform researches and develop great products for human use, and also to improve on existing ones. Lots of household products, medicines, beauty products, building and house maintenance products, educational, insecticides, fertilizers, preservatives, and many more products have been developed with the knowledge of chemistry.    

  • Proper Handling and Usage of Household Products

All the products we use at home for various application, including tooth paste, soaps and detergents, body lotion and creams, and disinfectants are chemicals. Studying chemistry enables you to read product labels and understand their compositions. That understanding allows you to make informed purchasing decisions.

It also guides you in the way you handle and use them. Some products are corrosive and inflammable, and will need to be handled with care.

  • To Produce Simple Household Product

Knowledge of chemistry can enable you to produce certain usable products from home, thereby saving you money. Some of the products can be made from waste such as egg shell, which can be used to make face mask, paints and crafting.

You can also go ahead with some knowledge of chemistry to make for yourself some fragrances that suit your taste. 

  • Can Make You a Better Cook

The study of chemistry can actually make you a better cook because cooking itself is a chemical reaction. The ingredients are substances which are composed of certain chemical materials, which will combine with themselves in the process of the cooking to produce the food. The understanding of what the ingredients are composed of, which you get from studying chemistry will enable you to carry out your cooking in a way that will produce a great taste.

  • Helps to Develop Analytical Reasoning and Problem Solving Skills

As a science, the study of chemistry involves lots of analytical reasoning as chemists try to determine the kind of chemical reactions that are taking place under their observation, or to predict the reactions that may occur when certain conditions are prevalent. It also involves solving problems and being exact. Therefore, the individual who studies chemistry will develop analytical reasoning and problem solving skills.

  • Understanding of Current Affairs

If you studied chemistry you will not be confused when news relating to environmental pollution, ozone layer depletion, green house effect, petroleum, nuclear waste, bio-fuel, and other chemistry based phenomenon come up. Instead, you will be able to meaningfully contribute to such discussions.

  • Diverse Job Opportunities

The study of chemistry opens up lots of areas one can work. You can work in the food processing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and chemical industries. You can also work in the product research and development department of manufacturing companies, as well as in research institutes.

Aside from the normal career areas, chemistry graduates, due to the immense analytical and problem solving skills they have developed in the course of their studies can do virtually all kinds of jobs, be it in journalism, banking, sales and marketing, human relation, customer service, art, and fashion. Read more on Careers in Chemistry here. 





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