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Welcome to Free Chemistry Online

This website provides free chemistry courses primarily to high school students and those sitting for college entrance exams.

College students in their first year will also find the tutorials here useful for the first two semester chemistry work.

The courses on this website are created and provided online by qualified and experienced chemistry tutors whose passion for the teaching of chemistry, and for all students to have free access to quality tutorials, is second to non.

These are specially designed courses to help you gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the principles of chemistry and prepare you adequately for high school chemistry examinations and college entrance tests.

Every aspect of each topic is brought out, explained, and all relevant points and principles highlighted. The language is flowing and easy to comprehend.

You will be able to have a deeper understand and appreciation of the relationship between Chemistry and other disciplines; the basic principles governing scientific methods; the interpretation of scientific methods; and the application of the knowledge of chemistry in industry and daily activities of man.

What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is a branch of physical science that deals with the composition and properties of matter. It looks into the chemical changes that occur between different substances and from the knowledge of the properties of the substances involved, it can explain what happened.

Also, from the knowledge of chemical properties of substances, it is possible to predict the kind of chemical reactions that will occur between different substances under certain conditions, and the new substances that will be formed from such reactions.

Chemistry, therefore does not only allow us to understand the properties of matter, but it also gives us the ability to manipulate matter to get the desired outcome or products.

Chemistry has no doubt helped to create countless diverse and valuable products upon which great industries have been established in many countries, providing jobs to millions of people. Some of such industries include the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and fragrance industries.

For the fact that chemistry studies the composition and properties of matter, it is therefore a fundamental subject in science. You will not be able to take a degree in biological courses, medicine, physics, engineering, geology, and earth science without studying chemistry. This is why chemistry is usually referred to as the "central science" - it connects biology and medicine, physics and mathematics,  and the earth and environmental sciences.

It provides explanations to many physical and biological phenomena. Therefore, the knowledge of chemistry is important because it helps us to better understand our physical world.

Why Study Chemistry?

The study of chemistry helps us to understand our world better and to make the right decisions in almost all our daily activities.

When you are cooking, you are actually carrying out a chemical reaction. The ingredients are mixed up in certain proportions and cooked together to produce the tasty food. Your understanding of the chemical composition and properties of the ingredients will definitely make you a better cook. In fact, this is the reason you will have to take chemistry courses if you are studying to be a cook.

Everything around us is a chemical substance which can undergo reactions or change with others. For instance, apples, potatoes, pears, peaches, and bananas when cut or bruised will form a brown color on the surface in a few minutes. You may have been observing this, but may not have known that the cause of the brown color is a chemical reaction which takes place between the oxygen of the air and some chemical substances in the apple and the other produce.

The knowledge of this chemistry will not only enable you to understand the chemical reaction involved, but also to prevent it from happening if you don't want the brown color, or to promote it if you like it. Read more on Why Study Chemistry here.







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